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please click HERE to contact me directly- </span style></A HREF> stating the details of the event you wished to have photographed - as prices will vary depending on the location and hours of your occasion whether it be for a wedding or any party function please do enquire - and I will get back to you with a quote - asap!</span style></A HREF>

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If you wish to have more than 8 prints - I CAN OFFER DISCOUNTS!
ALSO Selected photographs can be changed to Black and White or Sepia for FREE!

  • 4 " by 6 " Prints - £4 OR 3 for £10

  • 5 " by 7 " Prints- £6 OR 3 for £15

  • 6 " by 8 " Prints - £8 OR 3 for £20

  • 8 " by 10 " Prints - £12 OR 3 for £32

  • 10 " by 12" Prints - £15 OR 3 for £42

  • 11.5 " by 16.5" Prints (A3) - £25

-Double-sided keyrings - £3.00 OR 3 for £8.00
-Double-sided Jumbo keyrings - £6.00 OR 2 for £10.00
-Fridge Magnet - £6.00 OR 2 for £10.00
-Square Coaster - £5.00 OR for 4 for £15.00
-Circle Coaster - £5.00 OR for 4 for £15.00

  • Aspect Ratio - The Aspect Ratio is the relative size between the long and short edges of your picture. As sizes change, this ratio changes and so parts of pictures need to be cropped (removed) to fit. This is fine on many pictures as room has been allowed for this, but some pictures are best presented at custom size.
  • All portraits in my portfolio were taken with portable lighting or flash gun, material backdrops and my own little props all of which I will bring when travelling to you. You can choose out of 3 different background colours!
  • I even have floral and quirky backdrops for the more adventurous!! Please feel free to use your own props, sentimental and pretty things are best!
  • Rescheduling or cancellation is not a problem, provided you give me 48 hour notice
  • Please click HERE to message me</span style></A HREF> about any enquirys you may have and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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